Dylan’s Valentine 2nd birthday party

I decided to do a pink/heart/Valentine theme for Dylan’s party this year.  Partly because she loves all things pink and partly because I knew it would be super easy.  Win win.  I did just a tiny bit of crafting and mostly slapped up dollar store doilies around the house and called it a day.  Here are some pics from her party!

I feel like I cheated myself out of a fun card-making opportunity but I just went the easy route this year and did free e-cards from Paperless Post.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.57.17 PM

My Dad got Dylan this sweet little ballerina jewelry box for Christmas so I had to use it to anchor the balloons.2013-02-13_001

Super cheap and easy goody bags- oversized lunch bags, cut along the edge with decorative scissors and secured closed with some washi tape (my current obsession!).  Inside: the girls got hairbows from Forever 21, heart stickers, a few other little random hairbows, and some fruit snacks and mini m&m’s (Dylan’s favorite special treat).  The boys got star stickers and a matchbox car inside their along with the yummuy treats.


I cut the large 2 out of a cardboard box and covered it in pink doilies. The kraft paper heart garland is strung together by my sewing machine and the Dylan banner is doilies as well.  2013-02-13_003

My sweet parents bought Dylan two pink roses.  2013-02-13_004

Two child-sized tables were covered in art paper and topped with crayons, cards, stickers, and doilies to color and decorate. 
2013-02-13_010 2013-02-13_011 2013-02-13_012We chose to do her party during “brunch” time so the food is simple: cheese and crackers, sausage balls, fruit, cranberry/white chocolate scones, and cake.  The cake is my best friend’s mom’s recipe.  She made this cake for Stephanie every single year on  her birthday and I might have to do the same for Dylan….it is SO good.  I will check and see if they are ok with me sharing the recipe!

2013-02-13_013 2013-02-13_014 2013-02-13_015

Somehow I missed getting a photo of all of the heart garlands across the ceiling….which was of course my favorite decoration.  I might have to put them up again just for a photo.  You can see a small bit of one of the strands in the photo below.  We had four of them that went across the living room! 
2013-02-13_016 2013-02-13_017 2013-02-13_018 2013-02-13_019 2013-02-13_020

So many friends were there to celebrate with us!
2013-02-13_025 2013-02-13_026 2013-02-13_027 2013-02-13_028 2013-02-13_029

Her very first princess dress!  Thanks Matilda! 2013-02-13_0302013-02-13_032 2013-02-13_033

We made Dylan a playhouse for her room….stay tuned for a post with photos of it!

DIY: heart garland

I have been working on a few simple decorations for Dylan’s upcoming 2nd birthday party and wanted to share this garland with you.  We are doing a “heart” theme which is super easy this time of year obviously.  I love making bunting and banners and all kinds of crafts but was wanting the least time consuming option this year.  I came across some pink and white doilies at the Dollar Tree.  Hello- cheap!  So I bought a few packs and used some string I had on hand and just threaded it through the holes already in the doilies.  I have one across the mantle (even though it is hard to see so I might add some kraft paper behind the pink hearts) and I have four long strings to hang across our living room.  I love the way they turned out and even more how cheap and easy they are.





to do: Run For Adoption 5K


We wanted to let you know about this great 5K that is happening in just a little over a month from now, on March 2 in Murfreesboro. It benefits a local family who are adopting 3 children from Columbia. For more information, see below and then click here to register.


Jeremy Young, a local Pastor at City Church, and his wife Tori, just got word that after 2 1/2 years that it is time to go to Colombia to bring home their three children.

For more on their story please visit www.jeremyjyoung.wordpress.com

All proceeds from race ticket sales will go directly to Jeremy and Tori bringing home their three beautiful children.

Adult Tickets: $30

Children under 12 Tickets: $15

introducing Hazel June

Hazel June Arnold 


Hello sweet readers! We have been somewhat busy these days with the addition of the sweetest little one! She entered the world fast and furiously in the wee hours of December 4. I am currently working on writing and rewriting her birth story, and will hopefully post it, as well as links to some others that I found incredibly inspiring, soon. We are sorry for our absence, but have some fun posts coming up, so we hope to see you back here soon!