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Screenshot 2014-07-11 17.06.16

party: Audrey turns 2!

My darling niece turned 2 and she had a princess party!  I love a good party so I volunteered to help my brother and sis-in-law out any way they needed.  Fran was on top of the planning but I had fun adding some thing to the mix.  I had so much fun in fact, that I am considering starting a party consulting business of some sort.  Am I crazy?  If I am, then Rachel is crazy too because she wants to do it with me!  Let us know if you are interested! :)

Here are some pics of Audrey’s perfect princess party.

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 2

I made the cake on the left.  It is strawberry cake with buttercream and fondant icing.  I love making cakes!  The cupcakes on the right are from Ivey Cake and they are DIVINE!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 3

I made the tassel garland that hung across the front of the porch.  It was super simple and I plan on posting a tutorial soon, so keep an eye out!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 4

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 5

Birthday girl!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 6

They had this awesome water slide and kiddie pool for the kids to play in…I am not going to lie, I wanted to get in that thing and play too!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 1

They also had this bounce house and it was a hit!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 8

Audrey getting hugs from Iris.

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 9

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 10

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 11Matt made some cotton candy and it was delish! And while you’re at it, check out this video of a pretty awesome cotton candy creation.

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 12I made Audrey a little birthday crown!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 13Sweet friends decorate princess crowns with the birthday princess!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 14 Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 15 Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 17 Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 18My kid has mastered the sassy pose.

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 20Princess audrey getting serenaded by the crowd.

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 121 22Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 22

So many sweet little friends!Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 24baby cuties

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 25We snapped a few family photos too!

Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 27 Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 28


Fran also had some adorable cups and plates from MeriMeri that she got from Zulily.

Screenshot 2014-07-06 15.40.54 Screenshot 2014-07-06 15.42.09

And just because I like to show reality, this is the mess in the playroom maybe an hour into the party….I am embarrassed that I took a photo and didn’t even try to help clean.  I just knew it would get messy again in .05 seconds anyway.  Sorry Fran! :)Audrey's Princess Party - The Nashville Moms 29

current reads

Last week our family went to the beach and I stepped back into old habits and read THREE books in four days.  I used to read all the time but got out of the habit in recent years.  I think having a kid might have had something to do with that :)  Here are the three books that I devoured last week.  Loved them all and can’t wait to see the latter two as movies soon! What books have you read this summer?  Any new ones I should add to my list?

update: I went to see The Fault In Our Stars last night and it was so so so so good.  One of the best book to movie adaptations I have ever seen.  I ugly cried in that theatre and it was amazing. I loved having read the book first, I already felt an emotional connection to the characters.  I read the book in one day, I highly suggest reading it first too! Now, go cry you some ugly tears too ;)

story-wild-book-cover-4254_jpgthe fault in our stars

Dylan’s Fantastic Mr. Fox Party!

My darling girl turned 3 in February and she wanted a Fantastic Mr. Fox birthday party and I happily obliged.  She loves this movie and quotes it often.  We have family dance parties to the soundtrack as well!  Here are the details of her 3rd birthday celebration!

I had so much fun making these invitations!  Mr. Fox is a newspaper columnist which gave me the idea for the backside of the invitation with the party details.  The front side with Dylan’s face on Mrs. Fox just makes me smile! I ordered these double sided cards from  I have always been so happy with their products and fast turn around time! Print


I love to bake!  I made a strawberry cake and decorated it like Mrs. Fox’s dress. 






Each year I have made a cardboard number cut out and decorated it for the party. This year was simple, just wrapped in crepe paper and adorned with Mrs. Fox inspired bows.fox4




I made fox ears and pin-on fox tails as take-aways for the kids. fox18

I painted this Mr. Fox to play pin the tail on.  This little tassel garland was super easy to make and it now resides permanently above Dylan’s play kitchen in our family room.sShe’s THREE!




My Mom came to town to celebrate with us.  She also sewed my yellow apron and made a small matching one for Dylan!  I used a sweet tomato and hand carved the apple stamp out of it and used fabric paint to add the red apples to the fabric.  It was such a fun joint effort with my mama!


fox13Fox shoes!



I designed these little food labels with character posters from the movie. I stocked up on these little felt foxes that were in the clearance christmas ornament section at Target.  I also scored two cute candy jars with fox toppers on clearance too.  It helps to know your party theme months in advance, then you can scout out cheap items!2


I printed these great little character images to hang as decoration.fox8



This gallery wall was a lot of fun to put together.  I had these gold frames already hung up so I just added some Fantastic Mr. Fox posters and images to the frames. fox7fox5Sweet little friends!


fox16fox15fox14We had so much fun celebrating our girl!  I love throwing parties and decorating and baking cakes.  I am considering adding party consultant to my resume :)

SHOP – The Sweet Fox



We love shopping local, and although this shop is online only, it is based right here in Nashville.   Katlin is a local mom of two with great style and an eye for amazing children’s goods. The Sweet Fox enjoys cultivating a child’s imagination, and filling their bright world with lovely things.

Here are a few of our favorites:

sweet fox bag





Give Your Song A Voice


We love nothing more than supporting local mama’s in their endeavors, especially those that are pursuing their dreams. Kristin Schmidt, a local mom of two adorable children, recently released her very first (and we hope its not her last!) children’s book, “Give Your Song A Voice.” It’s an amazing story about a girl who learns how to give a voice to her dreams, and in the process, makes new friends and encourages them to also share their talents.

I love reading books that actually teach my children important life lessons that they can grasp, and I feel this book does that. Do yourself a favor and order your copy today!