all about joy

I am Joy Wilson, the other half of the Nashville Moms.  I was born and raised in Georgia and like to consider myself a Georgia peach but I don’t really like peaches…or coca-cola…or sweet tea…or pecan pie.  But I do love hot chicken, barbecue, music, coffee, and shopping at flea markets so I guess I was destined to be a Nashvillian all along. I adore living here with my music loving husband and our darling daughter. I am a photographer and really feel blessed to do what I enjoy, but being a mom has quickly taken the top spot on my job list and I am a-ok with it. I really LOVE being a mom,  in fact it is greater than I ever dreamed it would be….and I dreamed it would be pretty awesome.  Dylan is almost 6 months old and is the most adorable little person I have ever seen….and in my line of work I have seen my fair share of adorableness.  I would say my life is pretty full of happy right now.

favorite thing in my baby’s nursery:  I have a two way tie.  1- the rocking chair:  it is the same one that my mom rocked me in and that her mom rocked her in. 2- the bookshelf: my Dad built this just for Dylan and I adore it.

favorite thing to do in Nashville:  spend the day in 12 South- our favorite part of town. (go to Sevier Park , eat yummy Las Paletas, dream about buying a house there, etc.)

explain tattoos: I have a tiny music note on the inside of my finger as a reminder to pray daily for my husband and also a little xoxo on my tush that is for Brad’s eyes only

story behind daughter’s name:  Dylan Camellia.  My husband is a huge Bob Dylan fan and although I am not crazy about his voice I grew to love him when I learned that he wrote my very favorite song of all time (“To Make You Feel My Love”).  After we found out we were having a girl I mentioned a million different names to my husband and the only time I saw his eyes light up was when I mentioned Dylan…it was instantly settled.  Her middle name, Camellia, is my ode to family since we had a long list of not so fabulous family names to choose from.  My grandfather had a camellia bush in his yard that he named after me so I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them. And since the Camellia is the state flower of Alabama it also honors all of our family because that is where they are all from.

my go-to dinner recipe:  I can’t remember where I first heard of this recipe but it is one of my favorites.  It is yummy and colorful and always a hit!

1 box bowtie or penne pasta

mix together some red pasta sauce and white pasta sauce

1 can black beans, drained and cooked


cook the pasta, heat the beans, heat the sauce

layer on the plate pasta, sauce, beans, scallions (optional: grilled chicken on top) and serve!  yumm

5 thoughts on “all about joy

  1. Lorrie

    I am loving this already, I have only been on the site for twenty minutes now!! Keep up the fantastic work. So excited to see what is coming up next.

    God Bless,

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