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joy: a few of my favorite things

I really enjoy going to people homes where I can get a glimpse into their world.  So, for my first personal post I wanted to give you a tiny little glimpse of a few of my favorite things in our home!  I love that our house is filled with tons of little treasures that have special meaning or tell a fun story.  We love vintage things, music, photography, books, etc.  I often buy our home decor used rather than sparkling new because I love the character of the “pre-loved”.  Or I make things myself because I love arts and craft time.  Here are pics of some of my favorite things!  (it was really hard to choose so this might be part one of this post)  What are some of your favorite things in your home?

This little blue table and painting are right inside our front door and I love walking in with such fun colors welcoming us.  The table was a Goodwill find that I painted this minty hue.  The painting was a $5 find from a yard sale that has traveled with me to three different homes and is one of my favorite purchases ever!  The colors seem to always match whatever decor I have going on at the time.  And the left photo is a snap of my apron stash which hangs just to the left of this table. I wear an apron almost every single day.  I wear them when I cook.  I wear them when I wash dishes. I wear them when I get crafty. You could say I love aprons.  Some of them are from the flea market and some are from Anthropologie.  I love them all equally.

Just oustide of our dining room sits this beautiful 1940’s radio.  I got this for Brad when he graduated college, during which he was the music director at the school’s radio station.  I was so proud of him and knew I wanted to give him something really wonderful….I adore this little nook where the radio sits.  And obviously I love the photo of our baby girl sitting proudly on top.  This is one of my favorite photos of her- she is almost always smiling this big!  The vintage brownie is one of the many cameras in my collection that are sitting all around our house.  They make me smile.  I love fresh flowers (these are some that Brad bought me almost 2 weeks ago….they are on their way out so I need to replace them soon!)

This our mantle. I love it.  There is a huge hole that is made to put a TV in that we had no idea what to do with (we have one tv that is way too small and one that is way too big).  I saw a word search on canvas at a friends house and fell in love!  I had a creative whim one day so I painted this one on an old cardboard box and it fit in the space perfectly.  There are 23 words and is a great conversation starter.  The pictures from left to right:  a wedding gift from Brad’s dad- his grandfather E. E. Wilson painted this, our little Dylan Camellia, another painting from E. E. Wilson, a little photo from our trip to Israel that says “HE is not here, HE is risen”, sheet music to my favorite hymn “How Great Thou Art” and an olive branch from our trip to the Holy Land.  

In our living room sits this old cheap hand me down bookshelf that needs some serious tlc.  But the things on the shelf we hold dear to our hearts.  Here you will find tons of C. S. Lewis books, old text books of Brads, photo albums, a wedding photo framed on the top shelf  along with two of Brad’s favorite albums (the Pet Sounds LP is signed by Brian Wilson!), and an old Polaroid camera.  See those little ducks on the second shelf?  I bought that toy at the flea market long before I got pregnant and cannot wait to use it in a shoot with Dylan!

This is our guest room.  It has turned out to look a bit more shabby chic than I personally like but it’ll do for now. My favorite thing in here is the nighstand out of hat boxes that I use as memory boxes. I tried to scrapbook in college but it never took off so instead I get a box for any big special occasion and fill it with any momento or photo or trinket I want to keep.  This stack is our wedding, our engagement, one from college, and one we started for Dylan’s first year.

This is my favorite thing in my office: a canon lens coffee mug that Brad got me for my very first mother’s day.  I love coffee.  I love cameras.  I love being a mom.  It is the perfect gift.

This is my favorite spot in Dylan’s room (as mentioned in this post).  My dad made this adorable dollhouse bookshelf.  The yellow dress is mine from when I was a baby.  The hoops are filled with vintage hankies from the flea market.  And the banner I made for a brunch I hosted for some friends earlier this year and love it so much I had to hang it up in here.

No photo from our bedroom…it was messy so I will save that for next time  :)

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our home!  and just for good measure, here are some pictures of Dylan to start your week off right