mom spotlight: marie

We love our mom friends and want to introduce them to you…so you can love them too.  Up first: Marie McKinney-oates, MFT.

Marie is a wife, mom, blogger, and marriage counselor…oh and she LOVES McDonalds.  She is pretty awesome.  If you have not checked out her blog….do it now, seriously you will not be disappointed.  Dylan and and her son Otis have had a couple of dates, including watching the royal wedding together; and Otis’s chubs give Dylan a run for her money.  He is absolutely adorable, Marie is hysterical, and her illustrations she draws on her blog will make you laugh out loud.  Here are a few tid bits about Marie!!

tell us your name: Marie McKinney-Oates
here are some of her famous illustrations she uses on her blog:
favorite place to go for a picnic in nashville: I haven’t picnicked in forever. I like Centennial Park. 
favorite yearly festival in nashville: So I haven’t been yet, but I can’t wait until the Greek Festival. I’m going to get there this year.
best kid friendly restaurant in nashville: McDonald’s. Duh.
best date night sans kids in nashville: Sans kids is never fun (yes, I’m that mom), but my husband and I date night at Qdoba regularly. Ironically,
they have all kinds of kids eat free specials.
favorite obgyn/midwife/pediatrician:   Vanderbilt Nurse Midwives on Franklin Road. They’re all fabulous but I’m particularly fond of Melissa, Erin
and Allison. 
favorite children’s shop in nashville:   I haven’t had to buy anything for my little man yet. But my mom loves Macy’s.
favorite online place to shop for your baby:  I lust over things on Etsy. However, I would like to say that I have a little boy so it’s a little harder to get caught up in all of the baby shopping.
describe your parenting style in one word:   Relaxed.
what’s always in your refrigerator:  Milk.
last meal you made for your family:   I put a pizza in the oven a few weeks ago…
favorite book to read to your kids:  The Little Engine that Could from the Dolly Parton library.
behavioral of physical trait you hope your kids don’t inherit from you:   Procrastination
traits you hope they do inherit:  My teeth. I never needed braces. This is more about finances than vanity.
best piece of parenting advice you ever got:   If you’re driving and he’s crying because he’s hungry he WILL survive the 15 minutes it takes for you get to your destination. 
favorite tv family of all time:  The Cosbys/Huxtables.
favorite toy as a kid:  Paper and markers.
favorite place on earth:  Any place where you can smell the ocean.
if you wrote a parenting manual or book what would the title be:  “What Kid?”
favorite vacation as a child:  Camping trips around Middle Tennessee.

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