Daily Archives: September 20, 2011

to do: Crockett park (part one)

Brad and I used to live in 12 South and loved going for walks at Sevier Park. When we moved to our new house we were sad that there were no parks within walking distance. I asked around and was told by several people that we should check out Crockett park, that it would be worth the drive. Rachel was one of the many that told me how great the park was….she was right! Brad and I now love this park and have been back several times this week! There are tons of big open fields, over 4 miles of paved walking trails, sports fields, tennis courts, and even two lovely historic houses (where I am anxious to do a session sometime soon!) Here are a few of our photos from our most recent walk. Do you have a favorite park in Nashville?

(after writing this post I saw the awesome playground in Crockett park and will be doing a post on that soon! We are even planning a nashville moms playdate there soon!)