what they wore: baby style

shopping for Dylan has become way more fun than shopping for myself! I got her darling little brown riding pants on sale from baby gap. Her floral top is a Ralph Lauren find from the thrift store. Her socks (cause she will not keep shoes on her tiny feet) were a gift from a friend. And Matilda let her borrow the mustard headband that is from Zuzii on etsy and I’m obsessed with it! I’ll be ordering some for Dylan ASAP!

p.s. this is a glimpse of Dylan’s new “winky” face!  not sure if she is doing it on purpose or not but I love it either way






We spent the weekend shopping in Georgia with Joy and Dylan, and the girls got so many cute things!! (while Joy and I found a few things, the girls definitely ended up with more! Guess that’s how it goes now!) Matilda’s top and hat are from that shopping trip! Her top is from H&M, her shorts and hat are from the Baby Gap, and her shoes are from Janie & Jack.






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