mom spotlight: kandra

I met Kandra over 5 years ago when Brad and I first moved to Murfreesboro for him to finish school. I actually filled in at her work temporarily while she was away for a little bit. She is such a sweet spirit and I am so grateful for her friendship. She is the mom of two adorable little girls. She has an awesome blog- check it out here.

I am happily married to my best friend and we are about to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss! We have two beautiful little girls through the amazing gift of adoption! We are currently in the process of our 3rd adoption! I am passionate about orphan care and am the director of events and fundraising for The 1:27 Call. It is a non-profit orphan ministry! I am very involved with adoptive families in my community with a heart for the orphans and long for the day when there are no more!

tell us your name/twitter/blog/website/etc: Kandra

favorite place to go for a picnic in nashville: Honestly, we do more picnicing in the ‘Boro along the Greenway

favorite thing to do with your family in nashville: Anything to do with celebrating music!

favorite yearly festival in nashville: Christmas Lights in Nashville and Brentwood

best kid friendly restaurant in nashville: Spaghetti Factory or California Pizza Kitchen

best date night sans kids in nashville: Stoney River (our Favorite restaurant) followed by the Symphony or TPAC

favorite obgyn/midwife/pediatrician: We love our pediatrician! Dr. Joshua McCollum

favorite children’s shop in nashville: Hands down, Designer Finds in Green Hills!

favorite online place to shop for your baby: Strasburg

describe your parenting style in one word: Connected

what’s always in your refrigerator: Cream Cheese

last meal you made for your family: Homemade Chicken Soupfavorite book to read to your kids: It’s a tie between “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss and the “Llama, Llama” books

behavioral or physical trait you hope your kids don’t inherit from you: Eating Habits :)

traits you hope they do inherit: Faith

best piece of parenting advice you ever got: Never say your children will/will not do something….it will come back to haunt you.

favorite tv family of all time: Cosby’s

favorite toy as a kid: Probably my piano

favorite place on earth: Anywhere there is music playing…especially if it’s Christmas.

if you wrote a parenting manual or book what would the title be: Relationship not Regulation

favorite vacation as a child: St. Augustine, Florida

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