DIY: paint a pumpkin

I decided to paint a pumpkin instead of carving one this year.  I love the way it turned out and will definitely do it again in the future!  This was a very easy process and one you could quickly DIY.

I wanted to do a pumpkin that could last through the fall and not just be for Halloween so I chose to paint “give thanks” on it.  I went to my favorite font site,, and found one I liked. I printed it out on a plain white piece of paper.  I then held the paper on the pumpkin and used the non paint end of a paintbrush to trace the letters.  I ended up going back over it once to deepen the lines so I could easily see them when I painted.  I then chose my pretty metallic copper paint and painted over the indented letters.  This could be done freehand but I would probably have slanted the word or made it look much worse.  I did freehand some flowers on each side of the words just to add a little extra pretty.  It now sits on my mantle along with my fallen leaf garland.  I gathered a bunch of fallen leaves on a walk around Radnor Lake and quickly strung them together with a needle and thread. I love the way it looks like fall without looking too Halloween-y.  This garland may be something I do each year.  It could be fun with some pretty red or yellow leaves!


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