to do: The Loveless Cafe

One of my favorite places to eat here in Nashville is the famous Loveless Cafe. I especially love going in the fall as the drive out is so pretty. We usually go for a little drive on the Natchez as well (stay tuned for a post on that coming up!) when the leaves are changing because it is just so lovely.

My dad was in town for the day with work and I was able to steal him away for a trip out Highway 100 for lunch. I had been craving some yummy biscuits and he was more than happy to oblige. As usual there was a wait when we arrived so we just walked around the shops, took some photos, and perused the Hams and Jams shop. When our name was called we quickly ran to our seats and devoured the hot biscuits as soon as our waitress brought them out. Dad ordered the fried chicken, I ordered the BBQ and Dylan got a grilled cheese and green beans. Obviously we loved our food because it was all gone before I could snap a photo!

We had a lovely daddy/daughter/granddaughter lunch at the Loveless. I think Brad and my mom were jealous that they were not able to join us, but I just think that means we have to make another trip soon!

Have you been to the Loveless? What is your favorite thing to eat there? It is a hot spot for celebrities, have you seen one there?

Everywhere we go Dylan makes new friends!

mommy and baby being silly

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