holiday: Christmas ornament tradition

I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite Christmas traditions that my mom always does and that I get to start this year with Dylan!  It began over 35 years ago when my oldest brother was born.  She took a photo of him on his first Christmas in front of the tree and put it in an ornament frame with the year written on the back.  She continued the tradition every year with my brothers and me and our families.  She has over 100 photo frame ornaments on what she calls her “angel tree” and it is my favorite of her many decorations.  She has used the same frames every year but does change the color of the bows to match her current decorating style. I love looking through the photos that cover the tree and walking down memory lane. I am the lucky one that gets an extra ornament because I was born on Christmas Eve so I was just a day old when I celebrated my first Christmas.  It will take many years and more babies for our tree to resemble this one but I am looking forward to building our Christmas memories like my mom did so wonderfully!


Here I am on my very first Christmas when I was one day old.  They brought me in to see my mom and put me in a stocking!

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