Daily Archives: December 7, 2011

holiday: advent

Jon and I have never really had any of our own Christmas traditions as a couple, but I knew once we had children, we would want to start our own for our family. One of the things I loved around Christmas as a child was our advent calendar. Our advent mostly revolved around chocolate, and my siblings and I had to take turns opening little doors to find candy behind them. It wasn’t any huge thing, but I looked forward to it daily.

I had pinned this idea earlier this year, and knew I wanted to do it with Matilda. It is perfect for her, since she doesn’t really eat that much sugar, and she adores books more than pretty much anything else in the world except bananas. And maybe breast milk.


I found a lot of my books at thrift stores, bought a few non-Christmas books that I wanted to get her for Christmas anyway, and some we already owned. With the holiday/winter books, I will put them up in January so that we can use them again next year, and I will just keep adding to those throughout the year.


I wrapped each one, so that she gets a new gift every day in December. It’s a fun tradition, and she loves reading a new story with us each night!


Do you guys do anything fun for advent or have you posted a blog about it? Let us know, and post a link to your blog if you would like to share your fun traditions too!