to do: New Year jar of memories

I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea.  It is so low key and easy to do and I am excited about starting it this year with our little family.  On the original post from she writes about putting notes in the jar of all the cute things their kids would say so they would not forget.  She has the jar on her desk and whenever she hears something she wants to make not of she just grabs a piece of whatever paper she can find and jots it down and adds it to the jar.  I love this idea but want to make it a year full of memories.  I hope to write little things down throughout our year and add them to the jar and open them on New Year’s Eve 2012 and remember all the sweet things that happened that year.  The best part is that you don’t open the jar at all until the end of the year, so you will have forgotten about so many of them and it will be a sweet surprise of happy.  I suggest dating them for sure so you don’t forget when it happened.  Have you done this in your house?  Do you have any fun New Year’s traditions?

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