Dylan’s Little Golden Book birthday

Dylan turned ONE on February 12 and I was so excited about her birthday party that I had been planning for months! My little girl LOVES to read so I knew I wanted to do a book themed party. I decided on a vintage Little Golden Book theme and am so pleased with how it all came out. I must give a huge shout out to my mom who helped me so much with this little party. We had been scouring thrift stores for months for lots and lots of Little Golden books that we could incorporate into the party decor. I am going to try to find a way to keep most of the things we made and put them in her room because I love them all so much. Even though my little lady was battling a cold during her party she (and we) still had so much fun celebrating with our friends and family. Here are all the party pics and details!

I designed and printed the invitations to look like a golden book. (I was inspired by the cover of this old Golden Book). (this image shows the front and back but also allows for printers bleeds/crops so disregard the messy edges!)

The green dollhouse/bookshelf was a hand made gift to Dylan from my Dad that we keep in her nursery. We stocked it full of books and toys that the littles could play with during the party. On the mantle you will see two adorable hand painted children that I borrowed from a friend (whose baby’s nursery is full of such wonderful vintage touches and a few more of these hand painted children that grace his walls). The big pink Little Golden Book is one that my Mom purchased when my oldest brother was a baby (making it 36 years old) and that she read to us when we were little.

My mom and I cut out letters from a book to make this birthday banner….which I love so much I am tempted to keep it up for a while! We used the font bosox (kindof an ode to my husband’s family who are all huge red sox fans but also because it makes really pretty shaped letters).

A basket full of stuffed animals for the littles to play with.

Above the couch we temporarily replaced some framed concert posters with these photo copied book pages of mine and my Mom’s favorite little golden story “The Twins”. (funny side note- my dad is a twin and my husband is a twin…could having twins be in my future?!) The pages are sitting on top of vintage fabric “mats” that sadly don’t show that I did in fact iron them, oops.

The large book page hanging on the wall is something we had in her nursery. I purchased this at the Nashville flea market when I was pregnant and was told that it is a page from a 1940’s british version of Dick and Jane. I made her smash cake and the two tiered birthday cake. The little pinwheel on top (and the large ones over to the right) we made from book pages. On the easel you will see the little book that I made using her invitation as the front and back cover. Inside there are a few pages that I printed a story on and the rest were left emtpy so friends and family could leave her a little birthday wish inside.

This is one side of her birth announcement….she was so tiny!

I used book pages to cover this “D” that I plan to hang in her room.

Book page garland that my mom hand cut and strung to hang in the doorway. I am hoping to repurpose this somehow in her room….a mobile perhaps?

Goody bag and party hat table: I made the party hats out of book pages and embellished the one for Dylan to wear with. The goody bags were handmade, by my mom, from vintage linens. The clementine box is full of Little Golden Books that Dylan’s friends could choose from to take home in their bag. The bags also have bubbles and a silly straw inside.

Our food table consisted of cucumber sandwiches, pimento cheese sandwiches, rice krispy treats with white chocolate (super easy to do!), pepperoni bread, veggies and ranch, clementines, string cheese and crackers for the littles, and more.

The birthday girl! (who was unfortunately pretty under the weather for her party but still cute as a button in her little golden dress. get it? little golden dress for her little golden party? I slay me, ha!)

Dylan and Daddy

We are music lovers so Daddy decided to start Dylan her very own record collection. Each year he will gift her a very special record that she gets to take with her one day when she moves away (:*( tear!). He chose one of his all time favorites this year, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys.

Dylan loves her new Land of Nod chair from Poppa and Baybeth! p.s. see that adorable little fox doll in the background? You can get your very own from Oh Just Dandy.

Matilda checking out her goody bag.

Lily looking adorable in her party hat!

Matilda, Bayli, Destry

Here comes the cake smash! Or….the dainty little proper cake eater is more accurate. I kept waiting for Dylan to smash the cake all over her face but she was just a little too lady like. At least she liked it!

Her camellia onesie was a gift from my dear friend Kerry and I have been saving it for her to wear on this special cake smash occasion. It looks perfect on her!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday my darling Dylan Camellia!

38 thoughts on “Dylan’s Little Golden Book birthday

  1. Jamie

    I’ve been anxiously waiting to see these pictures, and you didn’t fail! What a great story you told! Everything was so cute, original, and sweet. Sad we missed the party, but glad we got to see her the next day :)

  2. Pingback: read: our favorite books | nashvillemoms

    1. nashvillemoms Post author

      Thanks! I just took out the mats that came in the frames and covered them with random bits of a vintage sheet. No exact measurements and they were secured with tape on the back of the mat :)

      1. nashvillemoms Post author

        Do you mean the fabric that I took Dylan’s photos in front of? It’s just a vintage sheet draped over our back deck wall. Super easy :)

  3. corilynn

    What an adorable party! Love all of your ideas! I actually found your blog when searching for graphics on the little golden book as an invitation. Can you tell me where you found your graphics or how you made your invitation? Thank you much!!

  4. corilynn

    What an adorable birthday party! I love all of your ideas! I was actually searching for graphics to use to create a little golden book invitation when I found your beautiful blog. Where did you get yours and how where you able to create this? Any advice will be helpful:) thank you.

  5. Kristin

    Love, love, love this! My little man will be be having a golden 1st birthday on March 1. I know, I am planning way in advance. For your garland and banner: did you buy books and actually cut the pages or did you make color copies and then cut? Now I just need to figure out how to have a party in our tiny house!

    1. nashvillemoms Post author

      Hi Kristin! I did buy a lot of books and used the actual pages for all of the crafts. I just scoured thrift stores and found lots of great options! I also found some gems that I kept in tact :)

  6. Robyn

    What a fabulous birthday party! I am dying to get some of the invitations for my son’s first birthday coming up. Any idea where I can get the template you used yor your card? Thanks so much.

  7. Tiffany Kostrzewski Van Vooren

    I absolutely love the invite! What a fantastic idea!! Do you have one available for purchase? My son’s Golden Birthday is on March 2 so I would be looking for the invite very soon….or…..would you be willing to design an invite on your computer if I email you a picture? Of course, I would pay you for your time. Thank you for considering!

  8. Courtney

    How did you wrap the large letter with book pages? We are having my son’s 1st b day this coming weekend. I’ve had fun making all of your good ideas.

    1. nashvillemoms Post author

      Super easy! I just cut out pages from some golden books and cut them in strips and wrapped them around the letter. I secured them first with double stick tape and then put mod podge over the whole thing to keep it in place.

      1. nashvillemoms Post author

        Hi Ashley, Yes- I printed the letters in the size I wanted out just in a word doc and used them as a template to cut the letters out of book pages.

  9. sarahhardin06

    I’m helping host a golden book baby shower right now… and everything about this party is PERFECT SO CUTE!! Feeling very inspired. I was wondering if you had a downloadable file for the invitations? (yeah we are on a budget.)

  10. emily contreras

    do you have a template for this golden book party invitation yet? i am doing this as my theme. i would really love to use this or pay you to do it for me?

  11. Shene

    Good Afternoon,
    Everything was superb! Is there anyway you could also send me the downloadable file for the invitation? I sent you an email as well.


      1. Amanda

        Hi!! Oh nice! I will have to search at my local TJ Maxx. I’m a thrifter too, but we do not have any cute stores like you girls have in your area – otherwise I would check out those stores too! Thanks for the reply!
        Dylan & Matilda are such cutie names!! I have 3 daughters: Madelyn, Amelia & Claira. We almost chose Matilda & Dylan is my brother’s middle name…just love it for a girl’s first name! Keep blogging! You both are very creative! Glad I stumbled here in my searches :)

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