party: St. Patrick’s Day

We decided to throw a little early St. Patrick’s Day play date with some of our baby friends and their beautiful mamas. We had so much fun with our fall party last year, that we decided to celebrate more holidays that way, with themed play dates! We had everyone bring a green food to share, and wear something green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!

We rolled out paper across my coffee table so that the kids could color on it and a St. Patrick’s Day printable coloring page I found online. (here are some more coloring pages too!) I also cut out little four leaf clovers out of cardstock for them to draw on.

We even had a little leprechaun join us!

Our lovely “green” table of food!!! It was all so yummy!

I also cut out four leaf clovers out of book pages and used them as decor throughout the party. Super simple, cheap and they look adorable! I taped a few to the front door, and made some bunting with the others.

Our friend Kirsty (whose little boy Toby was our leprechaun!) made this fabulous St. Patrick’s Day bunting. She used duck cloth and actually sent it through her printer! It turned out beautiful!!

Do you guys have any other fun ideas for ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? If so, let us know!!

52 thoughts on “party: St. Patrick’s Day

  1. wildlittlefan

    I like your post because of two reasons : 1. All your photos are full of warmth in a family setting and loving children as well.2 , I read about St.Patrick’s story and I like this man of God a lot. 3. My birthday is on St. Patrick’s day as well. ^_^
    Great blog. God bless you.

  2. zerowastegrl

    Very cute idea for the little ones I absolutely love your shamrock garland! I did alot of things similar this past february for my son’s 1st birthday as he had a “green” eco friendly theme. We did the art paper table cloth and mostly green veggies I haven’t been able to get pics up on my blog yet! I will definately steal some of your ideas for next St. Patty’s day! :)

  3. Bold Wandering

    Great ideas. I will be using them to make some crafts while babysitting this weekend. I really enjoyed how simple you made the event, but so festive because you have a theme.

    Sometimes we put green food coloring in a vase with white carnations. I remember being so amazed at the way the flowers changing color when I was younger.

  4. Kerry

    I would like to know what all that food is. It looks so good ;) We celebrate by celebrating Clay’s birthday now!!1

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  6. emiliabrasier

    What a cute idea! We don’t really do much for St. Patrick’s Day in our family but this year I took a rainbow craft we were doing and morphed it into a St. Patrick’s Day theme by adding a “pot of gold” you can check it out My son just got really into it also because he is learning about it at school. He really really wants to catch the leprechaun (I had never heard of this before) I think I need to read up on it so I know what to do when the leprechaun is not there, I have a feeling he is supposed to get coins or chocolate or something. Maybe next year we will do a themed party it looks so cute and fun!

  7. carlosnightman

    Unfortunately, us Irish will mostly be drunk on the day. And it’s a Saturday this year so it will be a messy weekend. But I’m a responsible adult now so there will be no such nonsense, I’ll have to think of some good ideas but I don’t think I’ll be able to top what you’ve done here.

  8. Miss Molly

    I love the use of book pages to make the shamrocks! I also love the fact that you had the kids focused on the coffee table so you could chat around it! Awesome

  9. 07tunes

    Lovely post and a very cute idea. I’m Irish, so I checked it out on the ‘freshly pressed’ page, when I saw the title. It’s funny to see how different people celebrate and traditions get changed as they travel the world. We in Ireland would never think of eating green food on St Patricks day. Hope you have a good day!

  10. Jenn

    beautiful! happy st valentines day to you all.
    ps, i have to ask, how do you get your nashville moms watermark on your photos?

  11. stephanieough

    I love how you used real plates! I am shocked when I go to a house party that uses paper (or worse styrofoam) plates. The dishwasher is 4 feet away and easy to fill with plates. The reused book for decorations is inspiring too. I’ll be back!

  12. irisoniris

    This has got to be the most feelgood post I have ever read this month. Those sweet babies and all those shades of green and the beautiful mess they made. All the signs of a sweet, sweet life. ;)


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