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mom spotlight: Heather Owen

Heather is one of our dear friends here in Nashville.  Her husband is a super talented musician and they spend much of their time on the road as a family.  Let us introduce: Heather
(these photos are from a shoot they had done a while back.  Simon is a toddler now! My, how time does fly!)
I am a stay at home mother to one little boy and a wife to one big boy. My husband is a full time musician so we spend most of our time living on a tour bus and eating catered food at some random arena. We love the Lord and feel blessed to be in the ministry he has called us to. 
tell us your name/twitter/blog/website/etc: Heather Owen/@schmancce
how many kids?  ages?  names? One son/One year old/Simon Thomas Owen
are you a working mom or do you stay at home?: SAH
favorite place to go for a picnic in nashville: Crockett Park
favorite thing to do with your family in nashville: Visit the Opryland Hotel and look at the beautiful gardens there
best kid friendly restaurant in nashville: Chile Burrito ;-)
best date night sans kids in nashville: Dinner at Margot and music/shakespeare/movies in the park
favorite obgyn/midwife/pediatrician: Midwife: Vanderbilt Midwives/Doula: Gaylea McDougal (www.mcdoula.com)/Ped: Dr Kalb Cool Springs Family Medicine
favorite children’s shop in nashville: Baby Gap (for boys)
favorite online place to shop for your baby: AMAZON!!!
describe your parenting style in one word: Structured
what’s always in your refrigerator: Coconut Milk
last meal you made for your family:  Spaghetti and Salad
favorite book to read to your kidsHow Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight
behavioral of physical trait you hope your kids don’t inherit from you: My stubbornness
traits you hope they do inherit: My determination/My husband’s grace
best piece of parenting advice you ever got: NEVER compare yourself and your child to others.
favorite tv family of all time: The Huxtables
favorite toy as a kid: My rollerblades
favorite place on earth: Venice, Italy
if you wrote a parenting manual or book what would the title be: Is That Poop I Smell? Getting Down and Dirty on the Facts About Parenting
favorite vacation as a child: Disneyland when I was 7