shop: online deals

We love a good bargain and wanted to round up some of our favorite online shops where you can find great deals on all kinds of name brand baby items!  From clothes to toys to strollers and more!

Zulily has daily deals in every category: maternity, home, baby, toddler, kids, shoes, toys, and on and on. is one of Rachel’s favorites.  She has found jewelry, clothes, and more.

The Mini Social is another great one for kids stuff. We’ve gotten Americal Apparel and Misha Lulu here.

Gilt Groupe is for the high end mama and baby.  Lots and lots of really amazing finds. is another one that occasionally has really great deals and you do not need to join to take advantage of these great deals, just check their website.

And of course we both love Amazon  for everything else!

Here is a photo of Dylan in her dedication gown that I got for $14 on Zulily.  It has precious little french hand sewing detail around the neck and was exactly what I was looking for….and probably would have paid over $75 for elsewhere.  Ps….look how tiny she is here?!

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