party: Hoppy Easter

We decided to throw a little Easter party and egg hunt for our girls and their friends. We met at Sevier Park in my favorite area of Nashville, 12 South. Here are some photos of our Hoppy Easter party!

We went with a bunny theme as you can see

We brought some of our favorite bunny books and other items like the bunny blanket and Dylan and Matilda both contributed a Jellycat bunny to the decor as well.

We brought sidewalk chalk for the littles to play with- my favorites are the egg shaped ones. (side note: the dollar spot at Target sells them 4 for $1 but you can get a pack of 6 for a $1 at the Dollar store)

And of course some chocolate for the mommies

This is Dylan’s Easter basket and I put fabric scraps in the bottom of it instead of fake grass. I really like the way it turned out.

Our Hoppy Easter banner that I made from scrap book paper and a bunny outline I found via google.

Look at these pretty girls!

If only Dylan had on some yellow Saltwaters they would have all matched :)

This was Dylan’s first time playing with chalk and I think she is a natural artist. Matilda was such a wonderful teacher :)

Best friends sharing.

I discovered that sidewalk chalk is not just for sidewalks….it is for legs and bottoms too!

Let the egg hunt begin! Caroline and Matilda were pros and did such a great job of finding the “hidden” eggs.

Checking out what they got in their eggs! We had twizzlers, Annie’s gummy bunnys, bunny crackers, kix cereal, Archer’s Farms fruit leather, and more.

This adorable bunny sippy is from Target. It was supposed to be a part of her Easter basket but I couldn’t helpt but bring it out for our bunny party.

Fun treat- my Mom was in town and got to enjoy Dylan’s first Easter egg hunt!

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