tip: skin deep

I posted something on my instagram a while back and my sister-in-law commented “I love what a hippie you’ve become!”.  I laughed at that comment because I do not feel like a hippie, or a crunchy or granola or whatever you want to call it.  But….I guess I have adopted some ideals of these so called hippies…and I kinda like it! It started after I became pregnant and because of the desire I had to use only the safest and purest things on my baby.  I am by no means and all or nothing gal, I am definitely in the middle between organic and not.  But with each passing day I am educated about something new and wonderful or even at times frightening that I need to change in our lifestyle.  I adore the friends I am surrounded with and the fact that they have taught me so much and helped me realize the importance of educating myself.  I was naive and ignorant to what the products in my house contained….many of which have been thrown out by now.  Rachel told me about this website: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ where you can type in pretty much any product and see how it is rated on a scale of good vs. bad.  The first item I checked was Dylan’s sunscreen.  The weather is warm now (ok, hot!) and I knew we would be spending a lot of time outside so I wanted to be sure she had good sunscreen to protect her baby skin.  Last year I bought her Aveeno baby spf 55 which I thought was going to rate high on the website….nope!  It is a 7!  It immediately went in the trash.

I then typed in “baby sunscreen” to see which ones came up with the best scores.

I ended up ordering (via amazon where it is cheapest) the Baby Badger Sunscreen SPF 30 and have used it several times and love it.  I need to go through and check out a few other products to see what we have been putting on our skin!  Thankfully Dylan has had flawless skin (no diaper rash, no dry or irritated spots since she was a couple of weeks old, etc) and I really don’t use many lotions and potions on myself but I do still want to check our shampoo and body wash, etc.  I encourage you to plug in a few of your daily products and see what you find!  Have you made the switch to something safer?  Let us know!



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