monthly subscription boxes

I don’t know about you but I love getting things in the mail.  Letters, gifts, amazon orders.  So when I learned about all of the wonderful monthly box subscriptions I knew I had to find one for me!  There really are so many to choose from so we wanted to start with a couple of our favorites.  We will post about more soon!

For Mother’s Day my husband bought me a subscription to Conscious Box and I am so excited to receive the first one.  Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products.  It is a fun way to learn about all kinds of green, ethical, pure, and natural items. I will write another post when my first box arrives!

Rachel subscribes to Birch Box which is a monthly delivery of 4-5 deluxe beauty product samples. I think last month they have a Gossip Girl themed box!

A box that I love the idea of is wittle bee.  They send clothes for your little one (newborn to 5 years) that fits with your personal style.  The price tag is a little higher than some of the other boxes but it seems like you get a lot for the money.

There are so many other boxes and we hope to write about more in the future.  Do you have a monthly box you subscribe to?!

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