what they ate: toddler food

These photos are obviously a little bit old but the food ideas are still just as relevant. I have three meals here that Dylan ate/eats often.

Breakfast: eggs (often with parmesan or spinach or both), apple slices, and dry toast (i have tried putting butter or jam on it and she prefers dry).

Lunch: whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce with pureed veggies (squash, zucchini, carrots) mixed in, and black beans; apple slices; water. I know the idea of black beans and pasta might seem weird but we do this often for dinner. Delish! For the sauce I use a jar of pre-made sauce and fresh or frozen veggies are just steamed/blended/added for extra veggie power.

She likes it :)

Dinner: home made corn fritters (thanks Rachel for the idea!), red beans, and she had some grapes too :). – JOY

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