Dylan’s Valentine 2nd birthday party

I decided to do a pink/heart/Valentine theme for Dylan’s party this year.  Partly because she loves all things pink and partly because I knew it would be super easy.  Win win.  I did just a tiny bit of crafting and mostly slapped up dollar store doilies around the house and called it a day.  Here are some pics from her party!

I feel like I cheated myself out of a fun card-making opportunity but I just went the easy route this year and did free e-cards from Paperless Post.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.57.17 PM

My Dad got Dylan this sweet little ballerina jewelry box for Christmas so I had to use it to anchor the balloons.2013-02-13_001

Super cheap and easy goody bags- oversized lunch bags, cut along the edge with decorative scissors and secured closed with some washi tape (my current obsession!).  Inside: the girls got hairbows from Forever 21, heart stickers, a few other little random hairbows, and some fruit snacks and mini m&m’s (Dylan’s favorite special treat).  The boys got star stickers and a matchbox car inside their along with the yummuy treats.


I cut the large 2 out of a cardboard box and covered it in pink doilies. The kraft paper heart garland is strung together by my sewing machine and the Dylan banner is doilies as well.  2013-02-13_003

My sweet parents bought Dylan two pink roses.  2013-02-13_004

Two child-sized tables were covered in art paper and topped with crayons, cards, stickers, and doilies to color and decorate. 
2013-02-13_010 2013-02-13_011 2013-02-13_012We chose to do her party during “brunch” time so the food is simple: cheese and crackers, sausage balls, fruit, cranberry/white chocolate scones, and cake.  The cake is my best friend’s mom’s recipe.  She made this cake for Stephanie every single year on  her birthday and I might have to do the same for Dylan….it is SO good.  I will check and see if they are ok with me sharing the recipe!

2013-02-13_013 2013-02-13_014 2013-02-13_015

Somehow I missed getting a photo of all of the heart garlands across the ceiling….which was of course my favorite decoration.  I might have to put them up again just for a photo.  You can see a small bit of one of the strands in the photo below.  We had four of them that went across the living room! 
2013-02-13_016 2013-02-13_017 2013-02-13_018 2013-02-13_019 2013-02-13_020

So many friends were there to celebrate with us!
2013-02-13_025 2013-02-13_026 2013-02-13_027 2013-02-13_028 2013-02-13_029

Her very first princess dress!  Thanks Matilda! 2013-02-13_0302013-02-13_032 2013-02-13_033

We made Dylan a playhouse for her room….stay tuned for a post with photos of it!

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